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Reproductions are available at their original sizes and in two different types:


Giclee on Canvas: This is just the giclee print on canvas and delivered properly rolled.


Giclee on Premium Paper: This is just the giclee print on premium paper and delivered properly rolled.


Shipping: Please allow one week to have the reproduction ready for shipping.




Stretched Canvas may be available for reproduction but due to its shipping cost it is not available online. Please contact us for a Quote.


Stretched Canvas Giclee: This is the canvas Giclee stretched on a heavy duty stretcher with 1.5" depth and 2" Width. Also each bar's profile has a ½" rise to prevent sagging, and each bar is slightly rounded at the top edge, which is ideal for accommodating various canvas weight.


Please contact us if custom size is required for Pricing or with any other question you may have.

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